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Congratulations on your birthday
Wishing you luck and success on your way,
May each day of your life be full of fun,
Just be happy and shine like the sun!
Birthdays are like magic when everything comes true...

Wishing you to feel the magic of this special day. May all your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday to you!
Today I like to think about what each candle on your birthday cake represents. I remember your childhood birthdays, all the laughter and excitement that filled the day, how each new year of your life meant big changes and more reasons for me to be proud of you.
I reminisce about the happy times we've shared and all the dreams you have made come true...
And then I make a little silent wish that you will always be happy!
Happy Birthday!
"Talent is a universal gift, but it takes a lot of courage to use it."
(Paulo Coelho)

Be courageous: use the colors of the rainbow, the light of the sun, the music of the forest and create a masterpiece out of your life!
Happy Birthday!
"If you believe in victory, then victory will believe in you."
(Paulo Coelho)

You are such a lovely and talented person, therefore you will succeed in everything! Wishing you a lot of success on your life path and all the best, whatever the future holds!
Happy Birthday!
"Where there's a will, there's a way!"

Wishing you a strong will and lots of success on your way to the top!

Happy Birthday!
Every year is a book with 365 blank pages. Create a new piece of art every day, use the colors of life and during the writing just smile!

Happy birthday!
The colors of life are like vitamins.
Wishing you to enjoy their diversity und to have a very happy life ahead!
Happy Birthday!
Between unseen little things often hide veritable treasures...
Wishing you to discover and enjoy the small richness of everyday life!
Happy Birthday!
Fly in the plane of ambition and land on the airport of success!
Happy Birthday!
May this year of life be your best ever,
May all your dreams and wishes come true,
You make my life so much beautiful and better
Just remember: I will always love you!

Happy Birthday, my Love!
Another candle on your birthday cake,
We look forward to celebrate with you today,
Wishing you a wonderful life ahead,
Lots of joy, laughter and happiness!

Happy Birthday!
I wish to be the very first
To greet you in this way,
To send you countless wishes
On this important day.
A day of overwhelming joy
In everything you do,
For you deserve the nicest things
The world could offer you!

Happy Birthday!
No Birthday card
Holds more love than this,
Because it's mailed with a hug
And it's sealed with a kiss!

Happy Birthday, my Love!
Wishing you happiness
To welcome each morning,
Wishing you laughter
To make your heart sing,
Wishing you friendship
Sharing and caring
And all of the joy
The birthday can bring!

Happy Birthday!
May your birthday bring a smile to your face, happiness to your heart and many blessings to your life.
You are the most precious gift in my life, so I would like to offer you my gift of love.

Happy Birthday, my Love!
I wish you a peaceful mind, a joyous heart and a successful life.
Happy Birthday!
May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,
All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you get the World’s best in everything!

Happy Birthday!
Good friends are hard to find,
But I found you, who is so kind.
The little things that you do or say
Are always done in your special way.
Today I want to take this time
To wish you a Happy Birthday:
May your future always shine!

I am so lucky to have you as a friend!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
I was thinking about you today and began to wonder how much you are a part of me.
You might not know how deeply you have influenced my character or be aware of how many ways your words still speak to my heart. But Dad, as clear as the clear day you have shaped and influenced my life.
Your very presence has made me who I am today and I love you very much!
Wishing you a wonderful day and all the best!
Happy Birthday!