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All my dreams came true
The day that I met you,
You bring sunshine in my life
You’re the best I ever had!

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue
I love You
That is true!

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To the world, you may be one person.
But to me, you are the world.

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Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true...

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You are the sun in my day,
The wind in my sky,
The waves in my ocean
And the beat in my heart!

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You Are My All

You are my anchor when I am lost in the ocean of life
You are my tranquility in the midst of contention
You are my battery to heal my soul
You are the motivation to a lifetime goal
You are my luminous star in a darkness of my day
You don’t let me fall
You are my all.

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In this world only love deserves absolutely everything. Nothing else makes sense.

(Paulo Coelho)

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Where you will go, there I want to go.
Where you will stay, there I want to stay.

(Bertolt Brecht)

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Only love gives meaning to life...

What is love? How to describe this indescribable feeling?

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone and it isn’t just one feeling: love joins together all good emotions that exist on earth.

When we are deeply in love, then we are just happy, we feel safe and secure. Love makes us creative and gives us power to overcome easily all difficulties of life. Love makes our life beautiful and gives it a meaning.

Love is when two people are aware that they belong together and can’t imagine to live without the beloved person...

Love is when two people want to grow old together, no matter what happens...

Love is a gift of life, which is getting bigger and more wonderful when it’s shared by two...

A beautiful declaration of love unites two hearts forever

To find the real love can be difficult, but more difficult is to confess this feeling. How to describe these emotions? For shy persons is advisable to send a love letter or a love card.

The declaration of love shouldn’t be necessarily long, sometimes a few words are more expressive that a long letter. A beautiful poem or a love quote can help you to find the right words to make a romantic declaration of love.